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 Attention Overworked & Underpaid Employees...

Learn The Simple 3 Step Process To Become 'Overemployed', Earning Multi-6 Figures p.a. Whilst Working Less Than 20 Hours A Week

(from anywhere in the world & without starting a business or side hustle)

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Finally A Guaranteed Path To Time & Financial Freedom

My Friend, are you tired of working a soul sucking 9-5 job being bound to an office cubicle every day? Are you one of the 63% of people living paycheck to paycheck? Sick of never being able to get ahead financially?

Maybe you have dreams of traveling the world or having more time to focus on your health.

But you can never quite break free from the system of trading TIME for MONEY...

And don't get me wrong...

You've tried INSANELY HARD to escape the grasp of the 8 hour work day

Maybe started up a business or a side hustle or two...

Only to realise that you have to work even HARDER for these things to be successful. Plus don't even get me started on the MASSIVE learning curve required...

There's marketing, sales, management, hiring, systems, fulfilment etc.

Phew, that's tough... 

And so you settle for a mediocre life...

One where you are stuck in an office, spending 8-10 hours stuck in front of your desk, dreaming of a more exciting life...

Well, there's a new solution...

One that doesn't require you to start a business or side hustle

In the next 90 days you can effortlessly DOUBLE your income and cut your working hours down to less than 20 hours per week

It's called 'Overemployment'. And in this FREE training I'll be breaking it down for you.

In the training you will learn...

  •  How you can ditch the office and work from home (or anywhere in the world) even if you don't have tons of experience or qualifications

  •  How you can eliminate and outsource 80% of your daily work for any remote role so you can focus on the key actions

  •  How to get hired for multiple remote jobs through the power of LEVERAGE allowing you to DOUBLE and even TRIPLE your income

  •  Reach multi-6 figure salaries without needing to climb the corporate ladder or sell your soul to your work

  •  Mentally free yourself from the stress of heavy workloads, frustrating bosses and useless office conversations

  • Don't miss the opportunity to learn the simplest pathway to financial and time freedom.

    Access the training ASAP,

    I'll see you on the inside,

    - Tom

    The Ticket 2 Freedom

    Using Leverage

    Change Your Life

    In 90 Days Or Less

    LVRGD Creator

    Tom Wedding

    What's up! My name is Tom Wedding, the founder of LVRGD, an education company focused on empowering people to earn more while working less through  'overemployment'. I successfully did this for myself earning $150,000+/year working just 2 hours per day, all whilst traveling the world. I now teach others how to do the same and live what I like to call The LVRGD Life.

    Success Stories Working Multiple Remote Jobs...

    MY STORY: From Working 8 Hours Per Day To Less Than 2 Hours Per Day

    Are You Ready To Learn The Secrets Of Creating FREEDOM With Multiple Remote Jobs?

    Learn how to become 'Overemployed' and double your income in 90 days or less...

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