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Attention! Do You Want A Life Of True Freedom?

Earn 2-4 Paychecks, Working Less Than 20 Hours Per Week From Anywhere In The World

The LVRGD Community is an exclusive community teaching strategies of overemployment. Learn the secrets to multiple income streams, outsourcing your work and living "The LVRGD Life".

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I Was Sick Of Living Paycheck To Paycheck...    

I had just taken an office job for the first time in 6 years...

And I absolutely HATED it. In fact I hated it so much that I decided to outsource my work to one of my old virtual assistants.

I was able to go from working 8 hours per day to less than 2 hours.

This gave me an idea that would change everything...

"Why don't I get multiple remote jobs instead?"

2 months later and I had 4 remote jobs, outsourcing 80% of my workload leaving me working less than 4 hours per day

I was now earning $210,000 per year in income...

While traveling the world full time

I had TRIPLED my income in less than 90 days

I felt like I had just done something illegal. It felt too simple.

Then I did the research and realised there was a small group of others doing the same.

It is called 'Overemployment'

A rising trend of people working multiple remote jobs at the same time

It made so much sense...

Most people are slaving away trading precious time for bare minimum income.

Instead you could be earning multiple income streams while working less than you ever have in your life

And so back in 2022 I launched LVRGD

An education company with one vision...

Make FREEDOM more easily accessible to people

Freedom where you can work LESS while earning MORE

Freedom where you can choose to live anywhere in the world

Freedom where you have complete financial security

Freedom where you can choose exactly how you want to live

This is possible through the power of overemployment

We helped people like Aidan go from working a 9-5 office job to taking on 3 remote jobs earning over $10,000 per month in income

But, it is not enough to just "work more jobs"

We have to work SMARTER not HARDER

This is why I created "The LVRGD Method"

A 3 step process to remove yourself from your workload

The LVRGD Method + Overemployment = COMPLETE FREEDOM

In our new LVRGD Community we teach this method through in-depth courses, resources and expert trainings

The community will help you in 2 main ways:

1. Help you find and manage multiple remote jobs (so you can earn MULTIPLE INCOMES)

2. Help you simplify, automate and delegate your work (so you can access TIME FREEDOM)

I'm incredibly excited for you to dive in and achieve these outcomes

Life is too short to be struggling financially, overworked and feeling stuck

Join us on our mission to make FREEDOM more accessible

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How Does It Work?

The process of Overemployment, managing multiple remote jobs is possible by simplifying your work, automating what you can and delegating the rest to a virtual assistant (VA). The benefits of doing this are... 

  • You remove unnecessary tasks from your day

  • Work becomes easier than ever before

  • You stop trading your time for money

  • You can earn multiple incomes with less input

Join The LVRGD Community

Remove the unnecessary parts of your workload to streamline your day to day.


Setup automation tools to quickly and effortlessly do parts of your work for you.


Find, hire and train up a virtual assistant to complete majority of your daily tasks and effectively buy back your time.


Manage and optimise your roles so that you can have long term freedom, get promoted and even take on a third or fourth job.

Why This Is So Lucrative...

A few remote jobs can not only bring your life-changing income, but allow you to live a lifestyle where you can work less than you ever have, giving you the FREEDOM to live life on your terms.

What Kind Of Jobs Can I Work Online?

This is the most common question I get when sharing this model with people.

There are thousand of different job titles you can find as remote work. To name just a few: Admin, Copywriting, Account Manager, Appointment Setter, Sales Closer, SEO Content Writer, Software Development, IT Support, Graphic Designer, Sales Rep, Coder, Web Designer, Social Media Manager, Accountant, Assistant, Data Analyst, Product Marketer, Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, Software Engineer, Receptionist

In The LVRGD Community we show people how to complete a skill check and search for jobs that match their skillsets as well as upskilling if necessary

Is This Illegal?

Working multiple remote jobs is completely legal when done the right way. We teach our students to get contract jobs which makes this process completely legal.

This also makes it legal to hire virtual assistants as sub-contractors as you are technically self employed.

We have some students who choose to tell their employers about their assistants and others who prefer to keep it on the down low.

I have personally even had employers pay my assistants for me. We teach you how to position all of this for the best outcomes.

How Long Will This Take To Setup?

For some people, within 14 days they have landed 2+ remote jobs, and instantly started living in time, financial and location freedom.

If you joined The LVRGD Community today, we give you a step by step process to go from where you are to working 2+ remote jobs with virtual assistants as quickly as possible.

Meet The People Working Multiple Remote Jobs...

Those who broke free from the system that keeps you in debt and living paycheck to paycheck...


The LVRGD Community

 Remote Ready Course 

Learn the proven step by step process to find remote work online. From applications to building your network, this course will give you everything you need to secure remote jobs.

Finding remote work opportunities

We will share 18 remote job boards you can find remote opportunities on. Also access our 17 top performing resume templates, video introduction examples, our job tracking sheet + many more resources to help you in applying for remote jobs.

Landing interviews

Our step by step process is proven to help you land interviews with companies and clients. We teach you how to stand out in your applications by implementing strategies such as connecting with hiring managers, optimising your LinkedIn profile and recording video cover letters.

Getting hired and onboarding

We teach you how to ace your interviews and interactions with hiring staff for the most optimal chance of being hired. We will also show you how to decide on good job offers, negotiate terms, set expectations and onboard effectively to minimise stress.

 Automate & Delegate Course 

Learn the LVRGD methodology of leveraging your time and freeing yourself from your work. This course will show you how to automate with tools & delegate your work to assistants.

Simplify your workload

We will show you how to simplify your workloads to know what to eliminate, simplify, automate or delegate. Have complete clarity on how to reduce your workload and better use your time.

Implement automation tools

Learn how to implement automation tools and AI to effortlessly automate your workload. We will share our best tool recommendations plus give you guidelines for automating tasks.

Find, train & manage virtual assistants

Access our Virtual Assistant hiring guide to know where to find good VAs, how to train them and the best practices for on-going management. Become a master at delegating to assistants and building + leading a team.

 Access To The LVRGD Community 

The LVRGD Community prides itself on the values of freedom, lifestyle design and leverage. Our aim is to build the most supportive, well-connected and inspiring community in the market.

The community is a place to connect, support, learn, share and find your tribe of people. Our community is based on the beliefs of FREEDOM, earning more while working less, leveraging your time, and living a life of choice.

 Weekly LIVE Expert Trainings 

Each week we have expert guests on to share insider insights, knowledge and training. Whether it's a tax specialist, online business coach, virtual assistant or recruiter you will get a ton of value from these trainings. 

These will be LIVE trainings hosted within the community and posted in community afterwards as recordings in our trainings section. Before the trainings the community will have an opportunity to ask questions for the guest.

 Weekly Q&A Support Calls 

Our weekly support calls are hosted on a zoom call and are open to all community members to join and ask questions.

The purpose of these calls is to ask questions, gain clarity and receive high level support on specific struggles and situations you are facing.

This level of support will help you step forward with confidence and take action towards your goals.


If you don't land at least ONE remote job in the next 60 days we'll coach you 1-on-1 completely FREE until you do*

And if you still can't achieve this outcome after 120 days, we'll give you a FULL refund for wasting your time*

... Because we're so confident you'll succeed

The LVRGD Community Access ($297 value)

Remote Ready Course ($897 value)

Automate & Delegate Course ($1,200 value)

Weekly Q&A Support Calls

Weekly LIVE Expert Trainings

Launch Price: $297/Month

Pre-Launch Special: $97/m 









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    We helped Aidan go from working 8 hours/day office job to taking on multiple remote jobs & creating a life of freedom.

    Aidan Laird

    LVRGD Member

    We helped Greg to optimise his LinkedIn and craft a stand out resume to get interviews with big companies like Kajabi.

    Greg Halama

    LVRGD Member

    Who The Heck Is This Guy?

    My name? Tom Wedding.

    My Mission?

    Inspire, educate and support people to live a life of FREEDOM. The kind of freedom where you can work less and LIVE more. Where you are financially abundant. Where you CHOOSE how to spend your days. Where you can be ANYWHERE in the world.

    I call this lifestyle, 'The LVRGD Life' and, I have been living like this for the last 2 years.

    Travelling around Asia freely, earning multiple incomes working 3-4 remote jobs & outsourcing 80% of my workload to virtual assistants.

    I created The LVRGD Community to give people access to the same reality.

    I wish I had the support of a community like this when I was first getting started.

    It's Time To Start Living The Life You Truly Desire

    Are you tired of the traditional 8 hour workday, earning less than you deserve with no room for growth or financial stability? It's time to take control of your finances and join a community of like-minded individuals on a mission to achieve financial freedom through remote work.

    Join The Community Now

    Who Is This Community For?

    • Individuals stuck in the 9-5 grind in an office job who want to transition to working remotely 

    • Digital Nomads who are working too much and want to leverage their time better

    • Online business owners who want a consistent stream of income to help them build their business

    • People who want to get ahead financially and break free from the paycheck to paycheck cycle

    • People who want to simplify their workload and schedule through automation and delegation

    • Anyone seeking a supportive community of individuals on a mission to succeed in their careers & life

    Who Is This Community NOT For?

    • People who are not interested in remote work or adding additional income streams to their life

    • Individuals who are not willing to put in the effort & commitment to find & maintain multiple remote jobs

    • Those who are not open to learning new skills and techniques for simplifying and streamlining their workload and schedule

    • People who won't contribute to our supportive community and prefer to work independently

    • Individuals who are happy living paycheck to paycheck just getting by financially

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Is it illegal to work multiple remote jobs?

    It is generally not illegal to have multiple remote jobs. In most cases, you are free to work as many jobs as you want as long as you meet your obligations and responsibilities to each employer.

    However, it is important to keep in mind that having multiple jobs may affect your tax liability and other financial obligations. You may need to pay more taxes if you have multiple sources of income, and you may also need to consider how multiple jobs could impact your eligibility for certain benefits or entitlements.

    Is it really possible to work multiple remote jobs?

    By carefully managing your time and delegating tasks to virtual assistants or using automation tools, you can effectively manage multiple remote jobs and simplify your workload. We give you the step by step process to make this a reality. All you need to do is take action.

    Is it illegal to hire a Virtual Assistant to do my work?

    Nope. We teach you to find contract based work where your virtual assistant counts as a 'sub-contractor' under you. This is a shift from trading your time for money to trading value for money. Think of how much more valuable it makes you when your employer is hiring two people for the price of one in their mind. Some people decide to tell their employer about their assistants, while others prefer not to.

    What is LVRGD?

    LVRGD (Pronounced "Leveraged") is an education company with the goal of empowering people to break out of the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle and instead earn multiple incomes without sacrificing so much of their time. Giving people the opportunity to live The "LVRGD Life". A lifestyle of earning MORE while working less allowing you to live life on your terms.

    LVRGD is committed to providing the best trainings, resources and support to help people actualise this vision.

    Why should I join this community?

    If you don't make a change, how will life look 6 months from now? 1 year from now? Will you be stuck doing exactly what you're doing continuously searching for a way out but never pulling the trigger on anything?

    Overemployment is an emerging trend that you would be foolish not to take part in. Overemployment groups across Reddit, Discord and Websites are growing in the thousands every month. The longer you wait to cash in on this new wave of multiple income streams the more likely you are to miss the boat.

    This community has the ability to completely change your life in the next 3 months. We have a proven process, clear trainings, actionable resources and plenty of support to help you implement.

    If you don't make a change, how will life look 6 months from now? 1 year from now? Will you be stuck doing exactly what you're doing continuously searching for a way out but never pulling the trigger on anything?

    Overemployment is an emerging trend that you would be foolish not to take part in. Overemployment groups across Reddit, Discord and Websites are growing in the thousands every month. The longer you wait to cash in on this new wave of multiple income streams the more likely you are to miss the boat.

    This community has the ability to completely change your life in the next 3 months. We have a proven process, clear trainings, actionable resources and plenty of support to help you implement.

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

    Are you ready to live The LVRGD Life?

    Join the community today and take control of your life...

    Join Now And Change You Life

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