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 Attention Freedom Seekers!  

Learn how to earn  $100k+/yr  through remote jobs...

All while working less than 4 hrs per day...

Ready To Live The LVRGD Life?

The LVRGD Life is a lifestyle of working less and living more. Using leverage to buy back your time and giving yourself financial freedom, time freedom and emotional freedom in your life.


Experience The 3 Levels Of Freedom...

This process is designed to open up the 3 levels of freedom

Time Freedom

You'll make double the money with half the amount of time meaning you have more free time to do the things you love.

Financial Freedom

Because you'll be working less but still being paid the same amount, you'll technically double your average hourly wage, Sweet!

Emotional Freedom

Imagine how much emotional stress you'll save by working HALF of you current daily hours. Now you can finally stress less!


How Is This Possible?

The process of creating freedom within multiple remote job comes from simplifying your work, automating what you can and delegating the rest to a virtual assistant (VA). The benefits of doing this are... 

  • You remove unnecessary tasks from your day

  • Work becomes easier and more relaxed for you

  • Easily offload majority of your tasks to the VA

  • You'll keep your boss happy as well as yourself


Remove the unnecessary parts of your workload to streamline your day to day.


Setup automation tools to quickly and effortlessly do parts of your work for you.


Find, hire and train up a virtual assistant to complete majority of your daily tasks and effectively buy back your time.


Manage and optimise this operation so that you can have long term freedom, get promoted and even take on a second job.


  • Remote workers who want to work less and earn more income

  • Business Owners who want a stream of income to fund their business and life

  • 9-5ers who want to go remote and earn more while working less

Please note that not everyone can achieve the outcomes shared on this page. Many people will either not take the actions or give up if things get difficult. This process requires commitment and not everyone can do this.

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