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 Are You ready to finally get ahead in 2024? 

The 3 Step Process I Used To Become 'Overemployed', Earning

2-4 Paychecks Whilst Working Less Than 20 Hours A Week

(from anywhere in the world & without having to waste years to get there)

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 Finally a simple model to break you free in 3 months or less... 

Chances are you are one of the 63% of people living paycheck to paycheck, who are sick of never being able to get ahead financially...

My Friend, I understand you are exhausted with the pressures of demanding work.

Weighted with the expectations to financially provide for those around you.

Do you have dreams of traveling the world, having more time to focus on your health or do more of what is important? 

Whether you're working a suffocating 9-5 office job or running a stressful online business

You always seem to end up in the same place...

Overworked, Underpaid and Uncertain of your future

You can never quite break free from the system of trading TIME for MONEY...

And don't get me wrong...

You've tried INSANELY HARD to escape the slavery of the LONG work days

But to no avail...

You spend more of your days working than anything else...

Your income barely covers your monthly expenses...

And you can't even remember the last time you were able to travel

You want to get ahead, but things are comfortable

If you're finally ready to stop living this mediocre life...

I'd like to show you the solution...

A solution that doesn't require you to start any complex business or side hustle

It's called 'Overemployment'. And in this video I'll be breaking it down for you.

In the video you will learn...

  •  How I was able to earn $210,000/yr working under 20 hours per week

  •  How to earn multiple incomes without selling your soul to your work

  •  How you can outsource 80% of your daily work to remote assistants

  •  How to find remote opportunities that generate consistent income  

  •  The 3 step process to create true lifestyle freedom

  • Don't miss the greatest opportunity to get ahead.

    Access the video ASAP,

    I'll see you on the inside,

    - Tom

    The Ticket 2 Freedom

    With Remote Work

    Change Your Life

    In 90 Days Or Less

    LVRGD Creator

    Tom Wedding

    What's up! My name is Tom Wedding, the founder of LVRGD, an education company focused on empowering people to earn more while working less through 'overemployment'. After successfully doing this myself earning $210,000+/year working just 2-4 hours per day, all whilst traveling the world. I now teach others how to do the same and live what I like to call The LVRGD Life.

    Don't Believe Me?

    'Overemployment' Success Stories...

    We helped Aidan go from working 8 hours/day in an office job to taking on multiple remote jobs & creating a life of freedom.

    Aidan Laird

    LVRGD Member

    We helped Greg to optimise his LinkedIn and craft a stand out resume to get interviews with big companies like Kajabi.

    Greg Halama

    LVRGD Member

    Are You Ready To Learn The Secrets Of Creating FREEDOM With Remote Opportunities?

    Learn how to become 'Overemployed' and earn MORE while working LESS than ever before...

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